Emerson and Bio-G Webinar: Visualizing and analyzing electronic batch data in real-time

Americas: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern, August 22, 2012

In this joint Emerson / Bio-G webinar, we examine the mining of electronic data from Emerson's Syncade™ Suite Operations Management software, visualizing and analyzing it in real-time. We'll show how the Bio-G Crosswalk™ software allows this validated data source to display real-time batch data and associated parameters. The close integration of these toolsets allows biomanufacturers to increase the value of automation systems, and reduce the maintenance burden associated with extracting and manipulating raw data.

Our two speakers, Bob Dvorak, Director Syncade/Data Management for Emerson Process Systems & Solutions, and Rick Johnston, CEO of Bioproduction Group, will describe Emerson and Bio-G's approach to data consolidation across multiple data sources. This approach avoids data duplication and 'warehousing' of data, while increasing the visibility of and access to automation system data. Such data is of huge benefit to manufacturing sciences and process development groups if it can be obtained in real time, with a minimum of effort.

In this webinar we'll examine:

- Syncade as a tool for collecting critical process data
- How Syncade helps to contextualize data through recipes
- How Bio-G's software automatically links to Syncade data
- How this integration with Bio-G allows visualization of batch timing data on gantt charts
- Building dashboards of critical process parameters and critical quality attributes
- Exporting data to Excel and other formats
- Analysis of this consolidated, real-time data leading to better decision making

Sharing and analysis of real-time data with Emerson and Bio-G results in better coordination and productivity of manufacturing and planning teams, and ultimately to an optimized biomanufacturing network.

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Webinar Speakers

Bob Dvorak, Ph.D.

Dr. Bob Dvorak is the Global Director for Data Management for Emerson Process Management. He has more than 26 years' experience in the life sciences industry, with a particular focus in electronic systems. His background includes experience with R&D systems, clinical systems, and commercial systems in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, particularly Operations Management systems. His current role is providing product direction for Emerson's tools in Data Management, including the Syncade Suite of Operations Management solutions.

Rick Johnston, Ph.D.
Dr. Rick Johnston is Founder and CEO of Bioproduction Group. In this role he helps biopharmaceutical manufacturers make better decisions in the areas of risk, uncertainty, biomanufacturing capacity, technology transfer, data / process control, and economic analysis. Dr. Johnston is Executive Director of the University of California at Berkeley's CELDi Center for Research in Biopharmaceutical Operations, a center bringing advanced research to biopharmaceutical manufacturing. He is also an Adjunct Professor at Keck Graduate Institute, part of the Claremont Colleges in California where he lectures on biopharmaceutical modeling and technology transfer.